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Facts & Questions


What is included at an all-inclusive resort?

Most things are included at an all-inclusive resort, such as: drinks, food, shows and activities. Some resorts have items for an additional cost. Your vacation designer will let you know exactly what will be included with your stay and what would be additional costs if applicable.

Are all-inclusive resorts safe?

When working with one of our travel advisors, they can discuss what is happening in the current country and help advise the risk/benefits of traveling to specific countries.

Do I need to tip at an all-inclusive resort?

There are a few resorts that do not allow tipping.  Your travel advisor will advise you about tipping policies and suggestions.


Do I need a passport to take a cruise from a US port?

Passports are always encouraged. If you do not have a passport your travel advisor can help you with what documentation you need.

What is included in my cruise fare?

Your cruise fare includes, food, drinks, shows and more. Your Travel advisor can help you know what is included with each Cruise and what things are at an additional cost.

Will I get seasick?

We can help you find a room that is central and low for the least movement on the ships.


What documentation do I need?

Your travel advisor will help you navigate documentation such as Passports and Visas as well as immunization requirements.

How do I get from place-to-place?

Planes, trains, and automobile, we will help you get to and through your destination.